Grade School Program

The Grade School Programme at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. is a caring and all-encompassing learning experience meant to help young students grow in all areas of their lives and do well in school. Mary Immaculate School (MIS), which is in Parañaque City, Philippines, is known for its dedication to giving students a good education infused with ideals that help them become well-rounded people.

At MIS, the Grade School Programme serves students from the beginning stages of preparation all the way up to Grade 6. These are very important years in a child’s academic life. The programme is carefully designed to strike a balance between tough academics and building character. This way, students not only do well in school, but also become kind, responsible, and socially good people.

Mary Immaculate School’s curriculum is carefully planned to meet the best standards of education while also being open to new ideas and flexible enough to meet the needs of all students. A mix of traditional and modern teaching methods is used to teach core topics like maths, science, English, and Filipino. This encourages students to think critically, solve problems, and be creative.

The Grade School Programme at MIS puts a lot of emphasis on values education, building character, and spiritual growth in addition to academic topics. Based on Catholic teachings and the school’s basic values of love, honesty, excellence, and service, students learn to be moral, caring, and responsible members of society.

In addition to the academic curriculum, Mary Immaculate School has a wide range of clubs, activities, and community service options outside of school. Through sports, arts, music, and different clubs and organisations, students are urged to find out what they’re interested in, improve their skills, and learn how to be a good leader.

The MIS Grade School Programme is also backed by a group of qualified and dedicated teachers who are committed to giving each student individualised care, guidance, and support. The teachers at MIS try to make sure that every child feels valuable, respected, and able to reach their full potential by keeping class sizes small and focusing on the needs of each individual student.

Overall, the Grade School Programme at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. is a model of high-quality education. It combines rigorous academics, developing students’ values, and all-around growth to create future leaders who can make a difference in their communities and beyond.