Junior High School

The Junior High School Programme at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. is full of life and energy. Its goal is to nurture young minds, promote holistic development, and get students ready for the trials of college and beyond. Mary Immaculate School (MIS), which is in Parañaque City, Philippines, has become known as a model for academic success and character development.

In MIS’s Junior High School Programme, students start a journey of discovery, exploration, and growth that is led by a team of teachers who are dedicated to making the school a safe and interesting place to learn. By following the Department of Education’s guidelines for a full curriculum, MIS makes sure that all of its students get a well-rounded education that includes both challenging academics and building good character.

The Junior High School Programme at MIS offers a wide range of academic topics, such as Science, English, Filipino, Social Studies, Values Education, and Maths. Students are urged to think critically, be creative, and have a strong desire to learn through new ways of teaching and learning that involve interaction.

In addition to academics, Mary Immaculate School puts a lot of focus on teaching values and building character. The school teaches students the ideals of honesty, kindness, respect, and helping others because it is based on the Catholic faith. Students are given the tools they need to become caring, responsible adults who make good contributions to society through a variety of extracurricular activities, community service projects, and spiritual formation programmes.

There are also lots of chances for students in the MIS Junior High School Programme to explore their hobbies and skills outside of school. Through performing arts, sports, or student groups, students are urged to follow their interests and learn important life skills like how to work as a team, be a leader, and be strong.

Also, Mary Immaculate School knows how important technology is in education and uses cutting-edge tools and resources to help students learn. Students are ready to do well in a digital world that is changing quickly because they have access to well-equipped buildings and technology.

The main goal of the Junior High School Programme at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. is to give children the tools they need to reach their full academic, spiritual, and social potential while teaching them the values of excellence, honesty, and service. MIS takes a whole-person approach to education and trains students to be caring leaders and lifelong learners who are ready to change the world.