Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc.’s exciting world of kindergarten! Here, learning is a journey full of fun, discovery, and growth. Our kindergarten programme is in the middle of Parañaque City and offers a safe place for kids to learn and grow.

We at Mary Immaculate School think that each child is a unique person with a lot of promise. Our dedicated teachers work hard to make sure that every child develops in all areas and develops a love for learning. We try to spark students’ interest, encourage their creativity, and teach them values that will guide them as they go through school by using a variety of new teaching methods and a full programme.

There is a lot of laughter and energy in our kindergarten classrooms as kids do hands-on activities, learn through interaction, and play make-believe. We give kids carefully planned events that help them find out what they’re interested in, share their thoughts, and learn important skills like how to communicate, work together, and think critically.

Our lessons are made to fit the different needs and ways of learning of kids. They include parts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education to get kids interested in learning and encourage them to ask questions. There are lots of chances to learn and grow every moment, from exploring nature in our outdoor school to telling stories and making art.

We put a lot of importance on character development and social-emotional learning in addition to academics. We help our students become more empathetic, resilient, and kind. We give kids the tools they need to become caring global citizens who make a positive difference in the world through values education, community building events, and service projects.

Our kindergarten programme gets kids ready for the challenges and chances that lie ahead by focusing on building a strong base for future success. We are here to support, guide, and motivate them as they take their first steps towards school.