Preschool Programs

Finding Dreams: A Preschool Adventure at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc.

Welcome to a world full of endless joy and wonder, where every laugh, every scribble, and every little win is honoured. Our Preschool Programme at Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. isn’t just about getting kids ready for kindergarten; it’s also about sparking their imaginations, caring for their souls, and giving them the strength to reach for the stars.

Letting Your interest Run Free: In our preschool classrooms, our little explorers use their interest to find new things all the time. We build a love for learning that lasts a lifetime, from the first tentative steps into the world of letters and numbers to the triumphant “aha!” times when we fully understand.

Adventures that kids can do: Forget about books and lessons; our preschoolers learn best by doing. Kids jump right into a world of creativity and discovery with hands-on activities, messy art projects, and experiences that are full of different senses. Every day is a new journey, whether they’re putting together huge block towers or mixing colours to make a masterpiece.

Magical Moments in Music and Movement: Screams of joy fill the room, and little feet tap out beats of pure joy. In our preschool programme, singing and movement are more than just activities. They’re ways for kids to express themselves, gain confidence, and have pure, unrestricted fun. Every moment is a chance to let your mind run wild, from silly dance parties to sing-alongs that you make up on the spot.

Making Friends That Last a Lifetime: In our friendly classrooms, bonds grow like spring flowers. Kids learn how important it is to be kind, understand others, and work together through cooperative games, group projects, and shared trips. They not only find playmates in each other, but also friends who will be with them as they grow up.

That’s right, nature is our teacher and the world is our playroom. We teach our kids to love and respect nature by taking them on adventures in the great outdoors and watching them grow from seeds. Kids learn to take care of the earth and all the living things on it through hands-on activities. They will be the stewards of the world for future generations.

Celebrating Diversity: Every child’s story is sacred, every voice is heard, and every culture is recognised in our lively and varied neighbourhood. Through multicultural experiences, global views, and an inclusive curriculum, we help students respect, understand, and care about the complex web of human experience.

Partnerships with Parents: We see parents as partners in our children’s schooling. You are welcome to join us on our journey of learning and growth through open contact, parent workshops, and family events. We build a community where every child can grow and shine when we all work together.

Building Skills for Life: When our children spread their wings and fly, they bring the knowledge, self-assurance, and toughness they need to soar. We know they will do great things whether they’re doing games, making friends, or going after their dreams. And we’re so proud to be a part of their journey.