Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. Offers a nurturing and fulfilling educational environment for young students. Our Nursery program is intended to create the groundwork for your child’s academic success while also encouraging their social, emotional, and physical growth.

Why choose Mary Immaculate School (Parañaque), Inc. Nursery program?

Curriculum: Our Nursery curriculum is specifically designed to address the developmental needs of young children. We combine play-based learning activities with age-appropriate academic principles to produce a well-rounded and enjoyable educational experience.

Qualified Educators: Our experienced and passionate educators are dedicated to providing a nurturing learning environment in which every child feels respected and empowered to explore, discover, and learn. They recognise the particular needs of young students and personalise training to their individual learning styles.

Holistic Development: We believe in developing the entire child. In addition to academic capabilities, our programme focuses on social skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking. Through a range of hands-on experiences and group activities, children gain confidence, independence, and a love of learning.

Safe and stimulating environment: Your child’s safety is our primary concern. Our facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge security features and age-appropriate amenities to create a safe and comfortable learning environment. Our classrooms are bright and inviting, allowing children to explore, play, and learn.

Parent Partnership: We recognise the value of parental involvement in their child’s education. We encourage open communication and collaboration among parents, teachers, and administrators. We try to foster strong partnerships that promote each child’s academic and personal development through monthly updates, parent-teacher conferences, and family events.